Get honest VC feedback.

We are committed to helping the European Edtech community flourish. If you have a burning question related to your startup and you think we might be able to help, you have come to the right place. 

Simply send us a question in less than 1 min and we will share our thoughts via an audio message. We will answer as many questions as possible every month. Easy-peasy.

We also created a FREE 5-day email VC course to help founders learn the VC ropes. It features a cheesy 80s theme to add some fun to the learning process!


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Who is it for?

For pre-seed/seed EdTech founders who are based in Europe.

What types of questions do we get?

The most common questions are on fundraising strategy/process, internationalisation, go-to-market strategy, and board meeting management.

How does that work?

You submit your question and if we believe we can add value, you will receive a short audio message offering an answer.

Is it an opportunity pitch
to Brighteye?

No, this is not an opportunity to pitch to Brighteye.

Asynchronous format: Why?

We want to be pragmatic and able to increase the number of founders we can help on a monthly basis. We believe that this format enables us to do so.

How many questions do you answer per month?

We try to answer as many questions as we can and we  process them on a rolling basis.