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How to prepare a seed or series A funding round

Updated: May 26, 2022

You’re building a business. You’re making great progress. You’ve found product market fit and you feel ready to take your market by storm! But, you don’t have the resources internally or revenue (yet) to seize the opportunity in your desired timeframe. So, you look to others that you can convince to back your mission and realise the opportunity that’s crystallising in your mind. One of the routes you can pursue to secure this funding is venture capital (VC).

As a rule of thumb, to be VC-backable, you should be in a market in which you can feasibly reach $100m+ in revenue and build a business that could one day be worth >$1b. It’s important to note that you can build an excellent, successful business that is not meant to reach this scale- but if this is the case, VC funding isn’t for you. Potential scale is naturally one of the factors we consider at Brighteye when considering new investments, which is why your estimations on addressable markets domestically and internationally are an important part of your pitch (but only if they’re grounded in reasonable assumptions!). We’ll cover what else you might like to include in your pitch later in this document.

This document is designed to help guide you through your early funding rounds; hence, we have included perspectives on when to raise, outlined timelines, how to approach the right funds, getting introductions, pitch structure, closing and more.

One of the broader reasons we have produced this document is because we appreciate that the world of VC can appear somewhat opaque and mysterious. As part of this effort to demystify the space, we’ve also created a short programme (circa. 5 mins/day for 5 days) to introduce the world of VC and hopefully make our operating and evaluation models easier to understand.

We hope this work helps you give yourself the best chance of securing funding both with us and with other investors.

We know you're busy so here's a one-pager:

Want the full guide? Here it is:


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