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We are doubling down on Visibly

Updated: 3 days ago

Visibly recently announced its $7.5m seed round led by Creandum, with participation from Seedcamp, Triple Point, notable angels, including Herbert Sablotny, Celia Francis and Nick Kingsbury and Brighteye.

Kane and his team are building a Certification-as-a-Service platform for blue/green collar careers in Europe, starting with the infrastructure sector. Their technology enables companies to stay compliant by certifying workers more cheaply (80% lower costs) and much faster (on-demand vs. several weeks of wait time) than the market standard by automating on-site skill validation. The undisrupted technical certification market is heavily regulated by local and national authorities and is currently experiencing strong market tailwinds across Europe.

At Brighteye, we developed an investment thesis around "just-in-time learning" a few years ago as we believe that compressing the time between the actual learning (theory) and the application of that learning (practice) can boost the efficiency of the learning process. We believe this is pertinent across sectors. Visibly neatly fits this thesis, as do others in our portfolio.

This thesis, combined with a kind introduction from our friends at Seedcamp (@Kate), led us to Kane and Visibly in 2022. As a result, we led their pre-seed round - since our initial investment, the team has not only built a solid v1 of the product that is being used by nearly a thousand workers, but also demonstrated exciting commercial and usage traction while being cash efficient.

We are delighted to welcome Creandum (@Hanel) aboard for this new phase of growth. Creandum is bringing a new perspective and additional support that we believe will help Visibly reach the next level and deliver its ambitious roadmap in the medium-term: reaching thousands of workers and hundreds of companies, and launching a new European market.

While we recognise that we are only at the beginning of the journey, we remain incredibly excited by Visibly's mission: giving one million blue/green collar workers an education that's useful and enjoyable.

Visit Visibly and read PR releases (EU-Startups & TFN) to learn more and stay compliant without losing productivity. 😉


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