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New Brighteye x Dealroom Edtech platform

👉 You can access the platform here 👈

Brighteye Ventures is delighted to share news of our partnership with Dealroom to create Europe’s leading Edtech, open-access dashboard. We are working with Dealroom to form the Edtech taxonomy and structure the insights, which will set the framework against which European Edtech companies, from startups to public companies, are organised.

Brighteye has long been committed to initiatives aiming to benefit the Edtech ecosystem, with a particular emphasis on activity in Europe. For example, our feedback initiative, (virtual) European tour events and insights, and our evolving research agenda. A number of other exciting initiatives will be launched in 2022. But before then, we are pleased to share news of this new ecosystem-focused partnership…

The new platform is designed to help Edtech founders and broader stakeholders to better understand the ecosystem, funding opportunities and competitive landscapes. Despite funding increases from $711m in 2020 to over $1,900m thus far in 2021, deal count hasn’t increased at the same rate, standing at 248 deals this year compared to 274 in 2020. So while average deal size has risen, funding opportunities for Edtechs have not broadened, particularly for companies at the earliest funding stages, at pre-seed, seed and Series A. As such, there remains an urgent need for better information available to Edtech entrepreneurs. We hope this platform will help address these information and funding access gaps.

Users will be able to search for the most active investors, their competitors across the continent, funding trends and a suite of other insights produced both in-house and put forward by other leading organisations. They will also be able to split the sector as they see fit, in keeping with both their understanding of the sector and what insights they are trying to generate. But they will also be able to rely on the taxonomy Brighteye and Dealroom have formed to help users navigate the sector.

Dealroom is an excellent partner for a project of this nature, given that the platform covers many areas of tech, including areas adjacent to Edtech that might sit on the edges of Edtech’s conventional definition, which typically includes K12, university and corporate solutions. This enables users to better understand the breadth of learning technologies being developed by entrepreneurs and teams across the continent, in line with our working definition. Brighteye considers Edtech as products or solutions that make learning better, whether by making it more affordable, more efficient, more effective, more engaging or a combination of these factors.

As the platform develops, it will provide a comprehensive reference point for European founders, VCs and policymakers, working on areas that touch education and learning. For a sector so interlaced with educators, policymakers, founders and individuals pursuing learning objectives, we hope to help provide authoritative insights for the benefit of many teams working in the sector.

Like other sectors covered by Dealroom, the data and designations are partially crowd-sourced, meaning that investors, startup teams and founders will be able to make sure that companies and other organisations are labelled appropriately, ensuring the accuracy and usefulness of the platform for its users. The platform currently has over 100k active users per month, with 52% of users based in Europe, 20% in the US and 19% in Asia.

We encourage all with an interest in Edtech to review and participate on the platform. We hope you find it useful!

NB: The outline structure of the taxonomy will be as follows. The Edtech landscape will be split into three sub-industries: 1) education management, 2) training and skill provision and 3) tools and resources. Users will be able to sort for solutions in Pre-K-12, K-12, higher education, corporate learning and lifelong learning. They will also be able to sort by more specific tags, such as ‘test prep’, ‘curriculum management and production’ and ‘assessment and credentialing’, among others.

👉 You can access the platform here 👈


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