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Early-stage European Edtech founder? Join the EdTech Garage

Brighteye is proud to be a partner of the EdTech Garage, a network for and by early-stage European Edtech founders and builders.

The project is created as a non-profit organisation acting as a gateway to the ecosystem where early-stage founders can learn from each other and get support through:

  • The online community platform where you can find and stay in touch with fellow founders to exchange knowledge and experience on key topics. You will also find the latest news, events and insights in each Edtech segment.

  • Monthly, virtual member-only events like workshops on specific topics and challenges for founders and informal socials.

  • Regular physical Meetups where you can network with fellow Garage members across Europe as well as with key stakeholders in the Edtech ecosystem.

  • Matchmaking with fellow members across Europe, both curated and automatic, for peer learning to help you solve shared challenges and create new collaboration opportunities.

Learn more and join the 80+ members now, on the EdTech Garage!


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