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Understanding the Edtech Content Landscape

What are we seeing now and where are we heading?

”Content is king.

From streaming platforms to online marketing, this phrase encapsulates the ability of great content to anchor valuable companies by attracting and retaining audiences and thereby rising above the competition. The same principle exists in Edtech where content can both engage and inform; indeed, robust content not only motivates and excites learners, but also fosters the growth and development that is core to education.

Today, there is an unprecedented range of content being offered by Edtech companies. Between new technological developments enabling unprecedented digital connection and the advent of the metaverse, and the dramatic shift towards online learning during the pandemic, the Edtech landscape has transformed dramatically. At the same time, traditional forms of unilateral consumption like books, video, and podcasts maintain key parts of the content ecosystem. In times of such rapid advancement, it is crucial for both aspiring Edtech startups and investors to familiarise themselves with what is happening in the sector.

All too often, one trend or medium in Edtech will receive significant attention and interest in the media. However, there is value in taking a step back to systematically assess the range of types of content that are being produced. This enables us to understand how market leaders are differentiating themselves and predict where the overall space is heading in the next few years and possibly beyond.

With this in mind, Brighteye Ventures has released a new report and market map that captures the full spectrum of content along two dimensions: the medium being used for content distribution and how the content adapts to learners and their needs. This map is not intended to be exhaustive – in fact, there are many Edtech companies which deliver content that are not included. However, it does seek to frame the discussion around Edtech offerings in a structured, content-centric manner.

You can see the map below and view our full analysis including company features via the link! 👇

With a big thanks to Claire Chen, Brighteye intern and Stanford MBA candidate, for her work on this report.


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