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How to build a customer success team

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Customer success. You know you’ll want to build a team that helps customers with their onboarding and queries throughout their lifecycle, whether you operate B2C, B2B, or a combination of both.

But before you can address customer success (CSX), you need to know what makes a customer “successful”. This will help you understand the levers that you can and need to pull to enhance their likelihood of success.

What is a successful customer?

A successful customer is one that gets what they want- and perhaps more- from your product or service than they intended when they first started exploring a solution to their problem.

A successful customer will:

  • Spend more money with your company over time

  • Be highly likely to consider additional products and services as you produce them

  • Serve as enthusiastic brand advocates that reduce the cost to acquire new customers (CAC)

This guide runs through:

  1. Remits of CSX teams

  2. How to build the CSX function

  3. How to build the team

  4. Outlined thoughts on measuring progress

We formed this guide in response to a number of portfolio companies seeking to build out customer success functions. We thought to share the guide publicly, so that (parts of) it can hopefully help other founders and early teams to make progress when tackling similar challenges.

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Dan Ondrasek
Dan Ondrasek
25 de mai. de 2022

Hello, the guide is not available. :(

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